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2018 Movies Success

What a fun movie celebration we had this summer. The Greatest Showman was a huge kickoff movie with only standing room left in the parking lot. When the "lights went down" the count was 450 community members laughing with friends, sitting back with popcorn and ready to sing along with the show. Coco and Despicable Me 3 were loved by the kids. The Auburn United Methodist Church really treated the community with games, crafts, prizes during Coco! The kids had smiles across their faces ear to ear! The giveaways from our sponsors really helped make the movies special! I mean, who could not enjoy getting a bag full of candy right before watching your favorite movie on a NEW BIG SCREEN that is 20'x40'- what a great picture it had!

The Boy Scouts food wagon allowed for great food on site! I could go for a hot dog right now!

The Auburn Hotel was a great place to stop for dinner before coming over!

The Auburn Library showed up with a table full of activities and bubble guns for the kids to jump right into! So many of the Sponsors came out and helped make each night special in it's own way!

Thor ended our summer movies with a bang...imagine his hammer soaring through the air and BANG into the payment...and on its way to China! Lots of friends turned out to see this movie ( and a 20' handsome Thor) as we celebrated the end of the season together.

Thank you to the Auburn Jaycees for adding RC Races to the lineup this year! It was a lot of fun to see Tri CIty Furniture's parking lot filled with miniature cars racing and bumping into each other. You really made those kid's day allowing to drive the high tech cars and giving a number of them away as prizes.

We hope to see all of you out again Summer 2019! We will keep you updated on what the new movie lineup will be!

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